What Do You Do With Your Backpack When Hammock Camping?

Woman resting on a hammock in the middle of a meadow in spring

Hammock camping has grown in popularity in recent years. People are switching from regular tents to hammocks. You don’t need a huge number of accessories while you are going camping. If you use a tent, then you will have to carry all the components of the tents. It takes up a huge amount of space in your backpack, and there will be no space in your backpack for other stuff. But things don’t go like this with hammock camping.


What Do You Need To Go Hammock Camping?


You can make a hammock at home by purchasing the components from the market. However,  it’s better to buy a hammock from the market as they are high grade. To go hammock camping, you’ll need to pack these items in your backpack.


  • If you don’t have a hammock, then buy or create one. 
  • Wide straps that come with a suspension system. compatible with trees or the area you’re going camping
  • Bug or mosquito net
  • Rain tarp
  • Additionally, you can buy a sleeping pad to avoid warm weather

All of the aforementioned items are not mandatory to go for a hammock camping. But it’s better to have them because of certain situations. Always go for a reputed brand if you are going for a ready-made hammock camping.

Woman resting on a hammock reading a book
How To Hang Your Hammock While Camping?

Hanging a hammock is not a difficult task. But you should follow some steps to make it perfect. To become a hammock camper, you will need to follow the guidelines:

  • Always Choose A Proper Location To Hang Your Hammock

When you go camping, you must choose the location appropriately. Because in some places, hammocks aren’t allowed to hang. Always look for a spot that is not near a water source. And you should not damage any vegetation while camping. You will have to take care of nature as they do. Also, check for any object under the hammock because you might get injured if you fall.

  • Choose A Healthy Tree

You will have to make sure that the tree can take more than double your body weight. Thus, look for a healthy tree. It’s important because you will have to secure both the tree and yourself. A healthy tree will not have any dead branches or thick trunk. The tree should be 6 inches in diameter, and the strap should be at least 1.5 inches wide. You can also hang it between rocks or vehicles. Look for any bird nests on the tree. Don’t use a single tree to hang multiple hammocks. If you are going in a group, make sure that each person is using different trees. 

  • Proper Angle

While hanging a hammock, people often make it too bent or too flat, which will not be comfortable. Furthermore, there will be more tension on the ropes if you pull it tightly. Thus, making it an inconvenient and risky for you. The strap angle should be 30 degrees towards the tree for an ideal set up. And the hammock should be at least 18 inches above the ground.


Now, you are ready to have a great day for hammock camping



Always make sure that the hammock is safe to use. Furthermore, you should make the hammock properly or buy a high-grade hammock. Otherwise, there will be no difference between a tent camping and a hammock camping. There will always be a risk because you will be suspended in the air. Thus, you should carefully attach the straps. Ultimately, you can see that a hammock doesn’t take a lot of space in your backpack. So, hammock camping gives you the freedom to take more stuff in your backpack. 

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