Is A Hammock Better Than A Tent?

Camping with hammock in summer woods on bike travel

For most of us, this doesn’t even seem like a debate. We are resolved to imagine the mighty tent as the most reliable, wholesome option when out in the wilderness. However, professionals and travelers from across the world have now grown cozy towards a shift to camping hammocks as the better alternative.

These adorable “bear burritos” of outdoor shelters are worth a shot, here are several alternate experiences that one can have when resting on a hammock as opposed to conventional camping gear. 

One can’t conclude that either one of them is better than the other, but for those of us who can only contemplate between these choices as we plan our next trip, here is a comprehensive discussion on all that can go wrong (and right) when using a camping hammock or a tent.

  • Comfort

If you are worried about water and other ways to protect yourself when on a hammock, several designs are now more efficient as they provide accessories like rain fly traps and other tarp covers to help reflect heat in very cool temperatures. 

You just have to begin looking through various traveler accounts in elaborately written books, online forums- you will know that a hammock is more than just a suspended piece of fabric that has gone out of fashion- it is very much the subject to a lot of admiration. 

So to imagine the tent as the only possible way to spend the night outdoors is to deny yourself an adventure. Curl into your own camping hammock with a good book, a campfire, and a friend at your side and take the beautiful air in, right in nature’s cradle.

  • Sleep!

Oddly, one of the top complaints of frequent campers that set up tents is the discomfort in sleep. Unexplored terrains and finding sites that are not the already existing overpopulated camping sites that are devoid of such uncanny surfaces is a big problem. 

Camping hammocks are a savior for these times. Suspended high up, they don’t touch the surface and are designed to give you the best sleep ever. It is old news to think of hammocks as cramped spaces where you have to squish into awkward banana postures to sleep and sag at uncomfortable angles- hammocks new provide blissful sleep. 

Which One’s The Better Deal?

When traveling, we have to consider not just our night stay but also our movement and other activities that we might undertake. Hammocks are easier to carry, and their ultra-light designs are among your most affordable options. A good, light, easy to trek, and walk with a tent can be bought at the beginning price of your most expensive hammock. 

For students and travelers who wish to spend the least, hammocks can be a more convenient option, especially if your location does not have an extreme temperature. A good hammock ranges from 20- 80 dollars and higher up whereas most reasonable tents start at 250 dollars.


It doesn’t necessarily have to be tent versus hammock. The comfort of carrying a camping hammock is such that neither is it very heavy nor expensive; it can easily be an alternate option while you also sent up a tent. 

If you are an odd number of people together and a hammock (available for one and two persons), then it serves just right, so you don’t have to go hunting for another tent for just one or two extra persons that won’t be comfortable in an overcrowded tent. 

The advantage in design and their increased availability, price range due to competitive markets is a boon for travelers. Whether it is your backyard on a breezy day or a trip to the beach- try a camping hammock for a refreshing experience.

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