How Do You Hang A Hammock On A Hammock Stand

Hanging your hammock at the right spot, in the right way, is a practical choice that can make your nap either really comfortable or a struggle. Just because you see people hanging their hammocks outside doesn’t mean you need to do the same. It depends a lot on your house and your comfort. Although setting up a hammock is easy, it can trouble you a lot if you don’t know what you are doing. For starters, you should be aware of all parts of a hammock with its stand

Parts Of A Hammock And The Key Steps To Getting Started


A Hammock Basically Consists Of Three Parts

  1. EYE- The loops at each end of the two loops.
  2. SCALING LINES- The lines that connect the eye with the body of the hammock.
  3. BODY- The body where you get to nap.

Easy, isn’t it? Now that we have brushed up on the vocabulary let’s touch down on the basic key steps you need to figure out before you start-

  1. Pick a good location.
  2. The spot you have selected should have sufficient height and hanging space.  A Hammock usually takes 10 to 15 feet of space to stretch out.
  3. Decide which method you are going to use:

Different Hanging Methods

  • Swing Style – To set up your hammock stand in a swing style, you will need to find an anchor point where you can hang the ends of your hammock, 44 to 84 inches apart using sturdy hooks. This allows you to gently rock back and forth while relaxing. For additional space in the cradle, you can add a spreader bar. This will work really well if your space is around 44 to 66 inches long. Else if you don’t have much space, then go for a pivot swing. Use a single hook stand and a spreader bar, and you are good to go!
  • With Ropes – If you are hanging your hammock outside or between two objects, then a rope is your best option. Tie each end of the hammock to two different ropes and suspend them between trees, which provides good shade on a single big, sturdy branch. If you are hanging it in a single branch, then you can use a carabiner too.
  • With Hanging Tools – If you are staying indoors, then this might be the best way for you. You will need 2 j-hooks, two lengths of the chain (at least 1.5 feet long recommended), and two s-hooks. If you are going to hang your hammock stand in a wooden beam, then this is the best method.

Below are some general dimensions that would help you decide which style would be suitable for your space:

  • Hanging Chair Hammock – For a hanging chair hammock with stand, optimal width is 44in/3.75ft, height is 67in/5.57ft, and the optimal height of the seat is 24in/2ft. Range of width is 96 – 132 in / 8ft -11 ft. and range of height is 54 in- 72in / 4.5ft -6ft. The distance of the seat from the ground should be 12 in -30 in/ 1ft – 2.5ft. Space between anchors should be 60in -75 in/ 5ft -6.25ft; if you use a spreader bar, then the measurement should be 48-58in/4-4.8ft.
  • Classic Signature Hammock – For a classic double hammock, the optimal width is 120in/20ft, optimal height is 60in/5ft, and optimal distance from the ground is 24in/2ft.

Please note that the closer you hang both the ends of the hammock, the closer the hammock will be from the ground level. This should clear off any doubt or question you might have in your mind about the hammock stands. If so, then go ahead,  set up your cozy nook & enjoy some me time!

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