How Is A Hammock Stand Measured?

A hammock stand is the simplest way to hang a hammock at any place. By using a hammock stand, you can simply hook and unhook your hammock at your convenience. You do not have to be skilled with ropes or beams to do this yourself. Usually, a hammock can support a weight of around 250-800 pounds, and a hammock chair can take up to 250 pounds. There are different variations of hammock stands available in the market to suit your requirements and help you build a cozy nook in your place for yourself or your family. Some stands are 5-feet-wide, while others can be around 10 feet or more, made up of either metal or wood.

Hammock Stand Dimensions

Usually, hammock stands are around four feet wide, but their lengths always vary. The first step is to measure the length of the hammock and add 2 feet to your measurements. For example, if the length is 12 feet, then choose a 14-foot stand. If you already have a stand that is beyond the length of your hammock, added with two, then worry not! Just add chains at each end of your hammock and the hammock stand to help them reach the stands. Easily available lengths for a hammock with stand are 5feet, 9.5feet, and 15feet.

Variations Of Hammock Stands

In order to get the best of your hammock, you need to get the right stand for it. Here are different hammock stands that you should know about before you purchase one-

  • Spreader Bar/Non-Spreader Bar

Spreader bars are the bars given at each end of your hammock to keep the fabrics pulled tightly. Whichever hammock stand you are buying, you need to make sure it is compatible with the spreader bars on your hammock. Generally, all hammock stands adjust hammocks with or without the spreader bar. You should also know that hammock stands with spreader bars are more likely to tip over. So if you are going to be using your hammock a lot, then it’s ill-advised to get a spreader bar hammock stand. Hammocks without a spreader bar are cozier and create a perfect relaxing zone for you.

  • Adjustable Hammock Stands

A lot of self-standing hammock bases have adjustable adjustment settings while some are compatible with a specific length. Adjustable hammock stands offer you the flexibility to increase/decrease the base to fit your requirements. Some bases also have S-hook and come with 2 lengths of a chain, which gives you control over the tautness of the hammock. Most suspension chains are designed to hang at a 30-degree angle.

  • Portable Hammock Stands

For additional functions, some hammock stands come with wheels. This is a very convenient feature for big, heavy hammock stands. You can go for the lightweight aluminum hammock with a stand, which is collapsible and can be broken into several components. This is a great feature that can be a bliss for you while you are traveling or camping with your family. If your hammock stand doesn’t have a wheel, then you can just purchase a wheel kit as an add-on feature or accessory.

Now that you know all the basics about a hammock stand and its measurement, you can get whichever stand that fits you. Setting up these stands is easy because they usually come with instruction sets. You might need a helping hand to get this done easily and quickly. Once the stand is up, placing the hammock is a matter of hooking or tying your hammock to the end loops of the stand. Now that the hammock is up enjoy your nap!

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