How Do You Rig An Aerial Yoga Hammock?

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When it comes to practicing aerial yoga, yoga hammock plays a significant role. It is not possible to do aerial yoga without yoga hammocks. Aerial yoga has become popular in recent years, and it often catches the enthusiasm of people across Instagram. 

What Is Aerial Yoga?

The aerial yoga is the practice of the same regular yoga using a yoga hammock. There are a lot of similarities between the two, though it originated in New York City, now it has spread over the world. This has proved to be beneficial for those who spend a long time sitting. 

Benefits Of Aerial Yoga

  • Relieves From Back Pain

Aerial yoga is a very effective way to get relief from back pain. When you practice aerial yoga, then your joints don’t get too much pressure. It also doesn’t strain the spine. Thus, it eases the tension in the hip joint and spinal cord. 

  • Full Body Workout

The position of the aerial yoga helps to stretch and move every part of the body. Moreover, the joints get more strength and muscles are redefined and toned. 

  • Balance And Flexibility

By practicing aerial yoga, you will develop your sense of balance. Thus, if you have any balance disability, you can fix it. It makes your body more flexible by releasing tension in the bones. Your core muscles will also be strengthened.

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How To Hang An Aerial Yoga Hammock From Your Ceiling?

  • Step 1 – Find a beam in your ceiling that is strong enough to support more than your weight. This is important because if the beam isn’t strong enough, it might get broken. If you are unable to find it, then it would better to ask a professional for the advice. However, once you find it make sure that it’s in a spacious area of your room because practicing aerial yoga will definitely cover some space.
  • Step 2 – Once you have found the beam, you will have to install a ceiling plate. If you are planning to hang a spring trapeze, then you will only need to install one ceiling plate. Otherwise, you need two points of ceiling plates. Alternatively, you can also hang ropes over the beam instead of installing ceiling plates. Whatever you choose, make sure there is at least 16 inches gap between the points.
  • Step 3 – Measure the height of your ceiling to hang your hammock at your convenience. If you have a taller ceiling, then you can use any rope to make it convenient for you. Pass the rope or the chains through the ceiling plate. After that, take the largest loop and pass the rope through it and make it secure by pulling tightly. These ropes or chains will be responsible for bearing your body weight. Thus, you should give extra effort into this process.
  • Step 4 – Ultimately, attach your hammock to your ropes, and you are ready to practice aerial yoga. Ready-made hammocks always come with hooks, so you will not have any difficulties. But before you start practicing, sit on the hammock to check it’s durability.

Make sure that the hooks aren’t coming out. The hammock must support more than your body weight. Some hammocks can take up to 1000 lbs of weight, just the beam of your ceiling must be strong. However, if you don’t feel it secure to use, then try attaching it to another beam. Start using the hammock once you feel secure.

Now you have learned the process of hanging a yoga hammock. You can see that it becomes very easy just by following some simple steps. However, you can hire a professional to hang the yoga hammock for you. Because attaching the ceiling plates and installing the hooks are difficult. You must always be careful about your safety.

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