How Do You Hang A Yoga Hammock?

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A yoga hammock is one of the significant appliances to practice aerial yoga.  It has hugely gained popularity in recent years. There are a variety of different hammocks available in the market. Some hammocks have no tails, while others have long tails with molded handles. This is a great tool for those who want to take their yoga practice to another level.

What Is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is the same as yoga poses you practice in regular yoga, but in this unique yoga style, you use a hammock. Though all types of yoga are beneficial for your health, aerial yoga is exceptional among them. The effects of practicing aerial yoga are:

  • It decompresses the spine and relieves back pain. 
  • Helps improving mental capacity
  • It increases your pulling strength
  • Your body becomes more flexible than before
  • As you have to hang on the yoga hammock, you will gain a good sense of balance. 

The difference between regular yoga and aerial yoga is the yoga hammock. If you are a beginner, then you will nail your balancing skills. Moreover, you will build your core strength and a strong upper body. Practicing aerial yoga will make you an expert in all types of yoga.

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How to Set Up Your Yoga Hammock?

While hanging the yoga hammock, location plays a significant role. Because practicing aerial yoga needs some space in your room. Choose a spacious area of the room to hang the yoga hammock. However, you can hang your hammock on your pull up bar, tree, or on a beam. 

Once you’ve selected a suitable place for your hammock, find an I-beam or a pole. You can also install hooks in your ceiling as an alternative. If you don’t have any hammock chains, then you can use ropes. But make sure that it’s strong enough. Hang the ropes or chains from the ceiling or the I-beam and attach your hammock to it. Your hammock is ready to swing. Ultimately, double-check the hammock, whether it’s secure or not. 

Tips To Buy And Hang An Yoga Hammock


  • Always Prefer Branded Hammocks

Always go for the reputed brands that are specialized in hammock manufacturing because they use certified materials for the production. Most importantly, choose verified accessories and security gears. 

  • Durability Of The Hammock

Make sure that the hammock can support more than 5 times your body weight. Though almost every yoga hammock can bear up to 1000 lbs, you must check before buying. This is because you will be suspended in the air while practicing aerial yoga. Thus, there will always be a safety issue. 

  • Make The Hanging Points Strong

If you are planning to install the hammock in your ceiling, then don’t use eye-bolts that are simply pointed. Always go for ceiling hooks because it’s again a safety issue. 

  • Verify The Strength Of Your Ceiling

Make sure that the I-beam or your ceiling is strong enough on which you will hang your hammock. It should be capable enough to bear more than 1000 lbs without being damaged. Alternatively, you can ask a qualified professional to verify your ceiling. 

If you are going to hang it on a beam, then make sure it’s made of steel or hardwood; otherwise, it’ll be dangerous to practice yoga. Similarly, if you want to hang the hammock on a tree, only use healthy trees. That means the tree must have sturdy and thick branches. Don’t choose a tree that has dead branches. It might be risky for you as there might be chances of a serious accident.


Make sure that the yoga hammock is safe. If you somehow feel insecure, then don’t use it. There are many ready-made yoga hammocks available in the market. You can also buy a high-grade yoga hammock to practice aerial yoga.

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