You have settled on a hammock as your camping tool over a tent. Well, that is a good decision, because hammocks are enjoying time in the sun right now. Even though the definition of comfort is so subjective, it depends on people’s preferences. There are a few steps I will highlight here that will need to be followed to make the experience of hammock camping so comfortable.

Choose the Right Hammock

Hammocks come in different shapes, materials, sizes, and qualities. They are too many out there, however, certain basic considerations must be followed. They come in a size for one person and two people. If you are looking for extra comfort, one for two is a very good choice. If you are a person that values good sleep this is also the best go camping with. If you are looking for something easy to carry around and space is limited then a one-person hammock is the best. Also, ensure that your hammock is long enough to be comfortable, experts recommend an 11-feet long hammock.
Happy Teengae girl sitting on a hammock

Lie In a Diagonal Angle While You Are In the Hammock

This will make it easier for you to sleep in a flat position and you will be able to bend your knees. It is not recommended to sleep right straight in the center of the hammock as this will make your knees hurt.

Carry With You a Ridge-line

This a rope that runs from one end of a hammock to the other. Bring a cord that is longer than your hammock, with enough additional length to secure both anchor points of the hammock. It helps set the sagging end of the hammock in a super comfortable position for a wonderful camping experience. Hanging a hammock with the same level of sag is not easy without a ridgeline. Just ensure you have this on your to carry list.

Lower the Head End

Experts recommend that you set the head end lower by 8-10 inches to that of the foot end. This will help move your body closer to head end which in turn prevents curving. Those who have this find it more comfortable than when the hammock is level.

Set the hammock at a comfortable height for sitting as well as sleeping

You will find it easy to get in and get out. Also, you might want to sit in the hammock at some point just to enjoy the scenery. So ensure that your comfort is all set from the onset. If it is too low the edge of the hammock may dig into your legs.

Carry a Pillow with You

I have found it more comfortable when I give my neck a little help by using a pillow. It also helps in finding a more comfortable position as you try to sleep.

Try Adjusting in the Hammock Until You Find a Sweet Spot

This is the experience that will make you feel like you are floating in space. Try sleeping on your side, or move your leg a little by bending your knee. Try these postures in different positions until you find that super comfortable position.

Come With a Tent if this is your First Outing

A hammock is going to be your lifetime experience, however, if it is the first time, the experience may not be as expected hence the need for backup.

Bring a Sleeping Pad and Under-quilt

Especially if you are going to camp in cold weathers, like high mountains after hiking. It gets cold, and such air gets close to your body which may be discomforting. Sleeping pads and under-quilt help with creating warmth and comfort. They prevent you from getting into direct contact with cold air.

Put a Tarp Above your Hammock

Remember, that ridge-line that we carried? You can stretch your tarp over the ridge-line and strap in the ground for all the four corners. This will prevent all precipitation, from falling over you while sleeping. Or even a bird poop falling on your teeth while napping comfortably. This acts as a shade.

Hang your Stuff on your Ridge-line

The ridge-line is a very important component of hammock camping, from providing support to the hammock to holding your tarp to hanging some belonging on it such that inside your hammock is spacious enough for you to enjoy your stay.

Ensure you Set up 200 m from a Body Water

You probably know this already. Even for tent camping, ensure that your hammock is 200 M any water body as recommended. This is the most comfortable distance you can be while camping.

Pick Trees that are Well Spaced

This is very important when tying your hammock. To make it as taut as possible while keeping the right level of sag. This will be important when trying to make your bed. So that you do not start doing adjustments again when you will probably be tired.

Camp During the Right Time of The Year

Ensure that you are well informed with the weatherman. It is believed that you can camp all year round with the hammock but I recommend that you ensure that temperatures are not falling below 30 degrees as that may be unhealthy for you and so uncomfortable for your lifetime experience.

Carry a Bug Net

If you are using those hammocks without ready sewn-in bug nets then carrying a bug net is important. These bugs can be so annoying and therefore make it so difficult for you to sleep. Especially those bugs that bite.

Carry a Drip Line

On a rainy or very humid days, water can seep through the suspenders and get your hammock wet. This can be very discomforting. To prevent this, tie a drip line just under the suspenders, positioned under your tarp. This will direct water drop to the ground and not into your hammock.

Quick Take Home

Ensure you have everything you need plus the pro tips above and you are set to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience with hammock camping. Go have fun. Remember, everything you do ensure you get the best out of it all the time. Just like a tent do not bring food into your hammock. Do not hang a hammock over water bodies or sharp objects. To prevent sharp falls always hang your hammock close to the ground, recommended is 3 feet off the ground.

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