Hammock Camping Guide

What is Hammock Camping?

  • Hammock camping is the newest trend of camping.
  • It’s the solution for the discomforts and shortcomings of using outdated tents.
  • More lightweight, space-saving, portable, durable, and functional are the reasons why backpackers and campers gradually switch to hammocks nowadays.

Carefree male and female in hammock from back

7 Reasons to Swap from Tent to Hammock

A peaceful sleep

  • A good peaceful sleep outdoors is only possible when it’s comfortable.
  • Bugs, rocks, dirt, and uneven grounds are the usual enemy of a peaceful sleep. With hammocks, these concerns are easily overcome.
  • Allows you to hit the trail as fresh as a daisy the next morning.

Versatility in Any Environment

  • Hammocks are all about freedom. It’s the ONE solution you need for any type of nature: rocks and trees, piers, or waterfalls.


  • Use it as a bed, a lounge, or a chair. It’s all up to you!
  • Reading, napping, sleeping, and interacting with nature are all possible with just ONE hammock!
  • A tent tethers you to a single spot, while the portability of a hammock allows adaptability for both indoor and outdoor use.

Instant Installation

  • Many good hammocks today can be instantly and easily set up.
  • The best brands on the market come with straps and hinges that can be securely strapped to a sturdy base .
  • Hammocks are suspended. So mud, rocky grounds and uneven terrain shouldn’t be a problem anymore!

Save Space! Save Weight!

  • Most hammocks are designed to be lightweight so campers like you can carry it over a long distance.
  • You can break a full set of hammock into individual gears to pack them all in one bag. All you need is just take it and go!

Let the Breeze Be the Fan

  • A tent is simply a smaller portable home with a roof above your head. The bulk of the entirety is not ideal for carrying on a camping trip.
  • Hammock allows you to get in touch with nature as much as you can.
  • The goal of any camping trip is to fall asleep watching the stars and let the breeze kiss your skin.
  • Today’s modern hammocks are fully equipped with a tarp and net to ensure you’re safe and sound even during rainfall.

One-time Investment

  • Invest in a super sturdy hammock once and you don’t have to spend another penny.
  • Top-notch hammock brands with high tensile strength thread and reinforced stress points are confident to offer you a life-time warranty.
  • Take a high-quality hammock with you on any trail and it’s guaranteed to deal with any harsh weather or extreme environment.

5 Best Camping Hammocks Worth Buying This Year

Warbonnet Ridgerunner for Comfort Seekers

Weight capacity: 200-250 lbs

Size: 10’1″ x 3′

  • Keep your stuff close in plentiful large-sized pockets attached along the hammock.
  • Lay your back evenly with the spreader bars included.
  • Pair it with the integrated bug net and double-layered bottom if you plan to camp outdoors.

“We tested the whoopie sling suspension system and found it among the easiest to hang and adjust, not to mention one of the lightest out there! My wife has finally given her seal of approval on her WBRR. She slept really well in it on our last backpacking trip”

_ Chesapeake


“My first full night in it was the best sleep I’ve had in a hammock yet and I sleep really good in my diy argon 1.6, so that’s saying a lot.”


ENO Skyloft for Daily-Use Buyers

ENO Skyloft for Daily-Use Buyers

Weight: 250lbs

Size: 7′ x 3′

  •   Protect your spine with a comfortable flat position.
  •   Save time for other fun! Setup speed is down to just a few minutes.
  •   Stand and play as if you’re grounded on a durable material and construction.
  •   Lay completely flat and sleep like a log with the lowered foot box.

“Quality and construction looks solid and the recline feature is quite innovative.”



“This hammock sleeps better than my bed. You can lie completely flat with no shoulder compression, or adjust it such that your head is elevated. The quality of materials and workmanship is superb.”


Kammok Roo Single UL Hammock is a Weight Solution

Kammok Roo Single UL Hammock

Weight capacity: 300 pounds 

Size: 50 x 100 inches

  •   Carry over long distances with a light-weight nylon fabric.
  •   Dispose of rains, moisture, and insects with a durable water repellent coat.
  •   Pack it down to the pocket size into a polyurethane-coated sack.
  •   Stay confident in your gear with the lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
  •   Pair your straps with a compatible suspension system.

“I had given up on hammocks as a viable choice for overnight camping in the backcountry. UNTIL I tested this hammock. Light, Light, and Seriously light is what you need to know. I could fit two of these hammocks and two of the Python UL straps in my old hammock stuff sack AND it would still weigh less than the old one. I’ve enjoyed this product so much that it just lives in my glove box or in my work backpack”

_ nickmo


“When it’s all packed up, I can’t believe how pocket sized it truly is! Now I can easily throw it in my bag on a bike ride and know it won’t weigh me down. The toggles are so neat and make set up easy. Who knew packing a hammock could be as simple as remembering your cell phone?”


Sea to Summit Pro Double Hammock is Your Countryside Shelter

Sea to Summit Pro Double Hammock

Weight capacity: 400 lbs 

Size: 10′ x 6’2″

  •   Keep your hammock durable with soft and high-end nylon materials.
  •   A solution to heavy weight with a strong and breathable fabric.
  •   Say bye to annoying moisture with a breathable hammock 
  •   Easy strap connection with high-strength and plated-steel buckles.
  •   Stay away from insects by pairing with Summit Hammock bug net and tarp.

 “When I was looking for a hammock to take on my travels, this one was a no brainer. Let’s see…less expensive than the competitors, more compact, lighter weight, easy strap connections, bag stays with the hammock when in use, the straps are also compact and fit in the bag, and it can support two people…I was sold.”

_ john_mcbrayer


“I was in the market for my first hammock and was overwhelmed by my choices. Setup was a breeze after I figured out the suspension system. I didn’t buy the tree straps but I believe that will add more length to the suspension system with larger trees.”


Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe XL Series for Emergency Purposes

Hennessy Hammock Explorer Ultralite Zip XL

Weight capacity: 300 lbs 

Size: 5 x 8 x 12 inches.

  •   3-minute quick-setup.
  •   Sleep in comfort with an asymmetric hammock.
  •   Stay intact from the wet with an alterable rainfly coverage.
  •   Adjust within seconds with double sliders.
  •   Use it on the ground as a chair or lounger just by folding.
  •   Turn your back easily with a straight integral ridgeline.
  •   Get rid of insects with an anti-midge mesh.
  •   Keep nature intact with polyester webbing straps connected to the end of the suspending ropes.

“I weigh 250lb and worried that I would have to hold my breath every time I moved for fear of tearing the hammock. Not so! This is so well made I felt comfortable trying all kinds of different positions. There is plenty of room so I was able to get comfortable and not feel claustrophobic. Initial quality on unpacking looked good, feels good in the hand, etc.”



“When the hammock arrived, I was impressed with what appeared to be top notch construction and materials. I set it up in our yard for practice and just to try it out. Setup was easy and fairly straight forward.”


5 Essential Gears for All Hammock Campers

Suspension System

A good suspension system with wide straps leaves no lasting damage to the trees.

It allows campers for a quick setup since no special knot is required. Choosing a high-quality suspension system should be your top criteria in protecting yourself while hanging in the air. 

Sleeping Pad with Accessory Sleeve

Make sure to have an accessory sleeve to keep your sleeping pad in place since it may not curl up into the hammock’s shape.

Consider splitting a closed-cell foam to fit the size of the hammock where you lay your head if you’re on a shoestring.


An underquilt can be used as an alternative to the sleeping pad to warm yourself up.

It covers on the outside underneath the hammock to block the cold wind from interacting with your underside.

Rain Tarp 

A smart response to all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

It’s mounted over a ridgeline and protects you from the raindrops.

Make sure to buy the right one that has proper attachment points to stabilize the tarp.

Bug Net

Some hammocks are equipped with the bug nets that fit over the entire hammock.

Use a sleeping bag or pad to defend you down under if the net only covers the top.

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