Best Parachute Hammocks

A parachute hammock is an excellent choice if you don’t want to waste time setting up a tent. It is travel-friendly and packs easily to occupy less space while being lightweight! The ability to wrap and strap around the trees without setting up tools is best! But that’s not all!

Imagine laying inside the comfort wrap of breathable material. Light breeze, a symphony of nature, and all that without any bugs or mosquitos to interfere. Are you looking for a high-grade, easy to pack hammock that can withstand your expeditions? Then rest assured, as we are bringing you the collection of the best parachute hammocks from the market:

  • Hennessy Hammock – Safari Deluxe XXL Series

This is a perfect companion for you with its apt space and heavy-duty performance. Hennessy’s hammock can withstand around 170kgs and supports a height of up to 7ft. It comes with a fantastic shelter system that prevents elements like rain and insects from affecting your comfort. 

Its wires are capable of withstanding six times the weight for a sturdy hold. There are two models, a zip and classic. Both of these have an entrance from the bottom, while classic allows snapping, the zip has sliders. It is also a great selection if you are a couple looking to use a hammock together! This one is, hands down, the best hammock with high versatility that you can purchase. 

  • Newdora Camping Hammocks Garde

Now here is a hammock that will withstand the trials of nature. Stainless steel gear, with 210T nylon taffeta, makes it a safe shelter for you on trips. Newdora is easy to strap around the tree; all you have to do is wrap it and rest on it. It has a height of 105×56 inches size, and immense weight support of up to 300 kgs makes it perfect for two.

If you’re an extravagant person, it comes with unique and colorful choices. Extremely lightweight, it has a separate pouch bag that can also be used to store other items. Overall it is a reliable product with secure storage and carriage options.

  • Legit Camping – Double Hammock

If you’re a rugged traveler who loves camping, trekking, and bonfire, this is the best choice for you. Legit camping brings you a hammock that you can stuff in the sack and pack immediately to be on the move. No need to pack its straps and gear separately, either! What’s more? It is well-built and sturdy to support up to two people. Its dynamic color makes it a great choice.

It is easy to set up, and you have to wrap it around the trees and strap it without requiring excessive gear. On the plus side, even with all the rough handling, it offers a lifetime warranty for replacement without extra cost. 

  • Foxelli Camping Hammock

Do you want to spend time enjoying the camping activity? Then forget any setup requirement with this hammock. With its vibrant patterns and colors, it is an excellent selection when you want to stand out. Enjoy a comfortable sleep in its breathable nylon material and gaze into the stars. 

While others also offer apt space, this one supports the height of above 8 feet. Can it get any better? It is an authentic parachute hammock that packs down to a small size of a fruit. Curl it in a ball and store it away without worrying about space!

  • Ridge Outdoor Gear Camping Hammock

Here’s another hammock that will last you for multiple trips without compromising with your comfort! It comes with Dynalon material, which is better than standard 210T Nylon. The most striking feature is a mosquito net, which also protects you from other insects and elements. It is so effective that it shelters you from UV exposure, as well!

Easy to set, it is a premium-grade hammock that costs almost half compared to others but offers you supreme comfort. Pair it up with a weight of 1.6 pounds, and it will become a fantastic traveling companion. Do you want to accessorize it? Great, this parachute hammock comes with such options! 

Lay-In Your Hammock And Sway!

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep in a hammock as it offers a perfect posture for complete rest. More importantly, there are scientific proofs that make hammock a much healthier alternative to tents. The hammocks on the list are some of the most versatile options. This list offers a choice for people with different preferences. What’s more? If you are in a relationship or a family man, then you should undoubtedly try hammocks for once. The worst-case scenario? If you don’t like them, you can return most of these due to their warranties. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How Much Space Do You Need To Hang Your Hammock?

Ideally, most of the hammocks require you a space of around 10-15 feet in between the trees. It highly depends on the size of your hammock. But the best part about a parachute hammock is that if you don’t have enough space, you can wrap and hang the hooks higher. This is the reason the hammock cables have higher weight support than the actual hammock. Because the more angular the hammock is hanging, the more strain it will have on the cables.

  • Can Parachute Hammock Be Used As A Parachute?

The hammock comprises the same material as a parachute. However, it is not advised to use it as an actual parachute. A parachute hammock is designed to pack in a compact style without occupying excessive space, which makes it a travel-friendly selection.

  • How High Should I Hang My Hammock?

The ideal height to hang a hammock is around 18 feet above the ground. If you would also like to sit in the hammock, like a chair, this is the best height. However, nothing stops you from hanging it higher. For that, make sure to pay attention to the weight support. Most of the collection we mentioned can withstand weights more substantial than the average person. 

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