The best hammocks for balconies, terraces and apartments

A good balcony hammock brings calm and relaxation even if you have a small space. There are many compact models to be able to put a hammock when living in an apartment or a small house.

The best hammocks for the balcony

1. Hammock for hanging on the balcony – Vivere ultralight

  • Material: polyester and zinc
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Load capacity up to 200 kg
  • Support included
  • Lying surface 211 x 150 cm

Vivere’s ultralight hammock is made from a polyester fabric. The triple stitched seams provide stability, so there are two of you to relax on the polyester fabric.

In the campsites, where tents are prohibited, you have the right to use a hammock. You can therefore bring this hammock during your vacation even if you use it daily in your apartment. With the 2 carabiners and the bracket that are provided you should be able to hang anywhere. The installation is quick because everything comes with the hammock to fix it on the balcony.

After your return from vacation the nights under the stars are far from over, because you can use this hammock on your balcony even if it is narrow. You can use it in lying mode.

The sturdy storage bag can serve as a handy side pocket to store your smartphone, TV remote control or even the bottle opener.

+ Strong support
+ Metal ties
+ Small compact size

– For one person
– The fabric may discolour

2. ECOTOUGE 12 FT Wooden Hammock with Stand for Single Person, Weather-Resistant, Certified Sustainable Hammock Bed for Backyard, Balcony, Porch(White)

  • Lying surface 238.76 x 160 cm
  • Load capacity 181 kg
  • Frame: ultra resistant steel
  • Brown color
  • Transport bag
  • Weight: 14 kg

The hammock-shaped lounge chairs in your garden or on your terrace, this luxury is possible: this manufacturer offers an ideal hammock for your apartment easy to set up on your balcony with its support.

The steel stand requires very little space with compact dimensions 238 x 160 cm, one can easily sit comfortably with two adults in the hammock. The height of the chains can be adjusted so that the hammock can be lowered to hide it behind the balcony railing and thus be protected from prying eyes. The stand has rubber feet to prevent scratches on your patio tiles. This hammock is great for small spaces.

Since the different elements of the hammock are simply assembled, it is very easy to dismantle it in a few minutes and without tools if necessary, for example in the event of a storm or going on vacation.

I particularly appreciate the sober color of this hammock which adapts perfectly with the decoration of your apartment. The colors are calm and cause a feeling of escape. For colors, it is advisable to wash the cotton hammock fabric cold or by hand without letting it soak.

+ Quick installation without tools
+ Suitable for 2 adults
+ Steel tube and plastic end caps

– The stand can rust in the rain like any steel
– The hammock can lose its bright colors a bit

3. Hammock chair for small balcony – Y-Stop hanging chair

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You cannot put a real hammock lying in all the apartments, because some apartments only have small spaces, square balconies for example. In this case, hanging an ordinary hammock is complex and it is better to opt for a large hammock chair from the Y-Stop brand.

This exotic accessory comes from Brazil, where these armchairs are traditionally used in tropical climates. It is not necessarily linked to the heat but rather to the animals indeed with a certain height one can thus avoid the scorpions for example.

4. The Sorbus Hanging Chair

The Sorbus Hanging Chair is made in a sustainable way: The tightly woven fabric made of 85% recycled cotton and 15% polyester can withstand up to 120kg of load.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The condition of course for this is to fix the hammock to a resistant suspension not to a shelf for example. You just need to be 40 or 50 cm above the ground which corresponds to a classic chair.

You can rotate the hanger hook, allowing you to sit comfortably in any direction you want.

Be careful, depending on the person’s weight, the hammock could be lower so try to find a high enough hanging point. I recommend a point at 2.5 m if it is possible at home.

+ Sitting position
+ Suitable for people weighing 120 kg

– Fibers can tear
– More complex ceiling mounting

Can we fix a hammock on a balcony?

If you are renting, I advise you to first see if your rental contract allows you to install a hammock on your balcony. It would be a shame if this is not the case!

Normally, residents can use the balcony as a room in the apartment and therefore arrange it as they wish!

On the other hand, the balcony unlike the apartment is an open surface and it is therefore also a common public space. So the balcony is not a private matter, but neighbors and owners can participate and have a say.

Decorations and flowerpots are permitted as they do not disturb the appearance of the apartment.

Renters always had to wait for permission from the apartment owner, to drill holes to fix your hammock. But you can do it without the owner’s permission, all you have to do is fill in the holes before you leave. Of course, there are also hammocks with a stand so you don’t have to fix a pin in the wall.

Can the hammock be mounted on the balcony?

If holes are drilled in the floor of the balcony for installing screws, then you should also ask the owner for permission. A tenant is required to treat the rental property with care and only use it in accordance with the contract.

Can we place a hammock on a balcony without drilling?

If tying a hammock on the balcony of a rented apartment is not allowed, the following example should be of interest to you:

You can tie if you ask permission from your neighbor one of the ropes on the railing of it. In this case you don’t need to drill a hole.

Immediately, the following questions arise:

  • Can the owner demand to remove it immediately because he fears overloading the railing?
  • Is a hammock on the balcony railing inappropriate?

The answer :

The owner cannot prohibit assembly unless it actually causes damage.

Iron bars that are too thin could warp or the weight could put high stress on the railings which could cause them to fall. Leaning on a rusty railing is just as risky.

If the hammock holder has caused damage, the tenant is obligated to pay for the damage.

As you can see, it is important to discuss your plans with your landlord in advance. This avoids stress and unnecessary costs on both sides. Of course you can also own your apartment and then you have no problem.

What fastening material is needed?

The suspension mainly depends on where you want to attach it. Outside on the balcony you will need a cable and for the safety of the carabiners. If you choose a hanging chair, you will need a drill with large dowels as well as a stand to hang it.

For the suspension of the suspended chair, a strong rope is recommended especially if it is in contact with metal parts as there is abrasion that could wear it out.

The correct pegs and hooks depend on the thickness of the ceiling and wall, as well as the weight of the person in the hammock.

Regarding the force on the dowels, I advise you to ask in DIY store or use a mounting kit provided by the manufacturer.

Secure the hammock to the balcony railing

The quickest method to hang a hammock on your balcony is to attach it to the handrail. It has been proven successful on many decks if you can snag the corners well.

You can then lie down on the hammock, the body weight will be distributed evenly on the railing. To secure it it is best to use a large carabiner that you put around the knots of the hammock.

What is the required suspension distance?

It will depend on the hammock you want to attach. If you have chosen the very popular classic Colombian model. It is preferable to lie down diagonally or transversely. How to fix the hammock correctly, I will show you a simple calculation:

  • Distance from hanging points: total length of hammock including ropes x 0.85
  • Height of hanging points: Total length of hammock including ropes x 0.375

According to this formula, you will have a hammock with a beautiful shape at a height from the ground of 35 to 45 cm.

Greater distances are not a problem, since it is simply the cable that is extended.

The fabric should only sag a little bit, since the cables and sheet still stretch when a person is in it.

Make sure you have enough distance from the ground so that you don’t have your bottom suddenly hitting the ground.

Sufficient tension is the key to good comfort when sleeping or resting.

A hammock with spreader bars on the balcony

Two wooden bars keep the surface of the bunk stretched so that you can rest quietly on the fabric. This variant is not bad for sunbathing on the balcony, but be careful:

I advise you to avoid this type of hammock with children because you don’t tend to fall more easily when you are not yet very agile

Since the spreader bar hammock needs to be stretched unlike the Colombian hammock, you should allow a greater distance from the suspension points. However, the height of the suspension points will be a little lower: on average, the height of the suspension is a quarter of the total length. The mathematical formula for this hammock is as follows:

Height of suspension points = total length of the hammock divided by 4

Tie a hammock knot

The hammock comes with a stand, but you have to use the ropes to hang it up.
I advise you to wrap the rope around the balcony railing and then pull both ends through the carabiner.
Then adjust the height and take the ropes.
Now tie a knot in the ends of the rope, but don’t pull on it.
Finally tighten the ends of the rope.

The smart alternative: a folding hammock

A hammock is the ideal place to recover energy in your daily life, it is a new strength. Specially designed for balconies, some models require little storage space and offer a lot of mobility: a hammock, whose frame is articulated at 180 degrees, meets these requirements.

The natural hammocks are available with folding metal and wood frames:

  • Hammocks with a wooden frame seem more aesthetic to me than wicker armchairs
  • Stainless steel has a higher weight capacity.

Depending on the model, the capacity is 120 kg or 150 kg for one or two people, and sometimes up to 200 kg can be obtained which is suitable for the swing of a family. All have in common the advantage of being able to orient yourself according to the sun, at least if your balcony is exposed to the sun.

Our favorite models for folding hammocks are these three models:

1. Y- STOP 13.2FT Hammocks,Traditional Cotton Rope Hammock with Chains and Hooks for Outdoor,Indoor,Patio Yard,Double Solid Wood,for Two Person,Max 440 Lbs(Natural)

The Y- STOP 13.2FT Hammock is a modern Lifestyle accessory with its black steel tube. All the parts can be transported in a suitable carrying bag simply to the sea for a week and then back to the balcony.

You can change the distance between the metal bars which allows you to modify the sag of the hammock. It is also possible for example in winter to use the hanger as a clothes rail!

2. Sky Large Brazilian Hammock Chair Cotton Weave – Extra Long Bed – Hanging Chair for Yard, Bedroom, Porch, Indoor/Outdoor (Natural)

A frame in Siberian Larch wood for the double hammock from Sky Large Brazilian Hammock. It is disassembled in a few simple steps with the supplied material.

The load capacity is 150 kilos, which makes it the perfect place to party with your children or a couple for a romantic evening.

This hammock is comfortable and spacious! I particularly appreciate the different colors which are very chic! The wood is of very good quality with a solid canvas!

3. INNO STAGE Double Portable Hammock – Patio Hammock Two Person Hanging Camping Bed for Patio, Backyard, Porch, Outdoor and Indoor Use – Soft Woven Canvas Fabric Hammocks with Portable Carrying Bag

This foldable hammock is really a good hammock to relax on your balcony or in a small space. You can place it indoors as well as outdoors. It will allow you to enjoy the sun and take some colors. It is not the prettiest hammock but it is really cheap and practical.

It is made of a steel frame with a very resistant fabric, you can set it up and fold it up in seconds. The carrying bag is supplied with the hammock. Gently rock for the ultimate relaxation at the beach, in your backyard or on your balcony.

Can the hammock stay outside on the balcony?

With its protective cover it can stay outside without any problem, but I advise you to bring it inside your apartment from time to time to clean it. Rain and humidity can alter the natural colors of the hammock, be careful that the colors do not rub off on your clothes. Damp fabric could also have an odor. I therefore advise you to bring it in with each storm to keep it in good condition as long as possible!

Nylon or polyester hammocks are moisture resistant. Therefore, ultralight outdoor hammocks are made from both materials. But I advise you to put it in anyway and not to leave it in direct sunlight all the time because UV radiation can damage your fabric. Tears can form and the seams can tear.

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