Best Hammock Straps

“Keep Calm And Hammock On”

In many TV series and cartoons shows, hammocks are shown. These hammocks are tied between two trees with the help of ropes. However, this setup doesn’t guarantee optimum safety. With the advancements in technology, specialized straps called the hammock straps are being manufactured; these straps can withstand greater loads than ropes.

Thus these straps have eliminated the fear of falling from a hammock while relaxing on a bright sunny day by a beach and enjoying the refreshing coconut water. So are you tempted to buy one? This article will help you choose from the best hammocks straps available in the market.

  • Wise Owl Outfitters Talon Hammock Tree Straps

For all the wanderlust people out there, the presence of this product in your backpacks will reduce your tensions while anchoring the hammocks in between the trees. This strap is 20 feet long each side and 1 inch wide. Moreover, there are 38 loops, which enhances the adjustability while plating it up.

This strap can withstand a load of 400 pounds thanks to its build quality and those karabiner provided with the strap. The USP is the strap’s length and adjustability as it hooks up a hammock even in between the trees with the longest gap.

Moreover, the strap is made out of non-stretch polyester durable webbing with double-stitching to ensure that it doesn’t stretch or sag during utilization. 

  • Nature’s Hangout Hang Tight Xl Hammock Straps

If the first one was impressive, this one is more imposing on you. This product is 28 feet long and can withstand up to whooping 700 pounds of weight, which is incredible. Furthermore, 48 daisy chain loops provide several combinations to adjust the hammock at an accurate position.

Even after being such a heavy-duty product, it’s quite surprising that it just weighs about 15 ounces, making it quite handy while traveling. The strap is made out of non-stretch durable 3/4 inch polyester webbing with reinforced stitching, which significantly enhances its durability.

  • Eagle’s Nest Outfitters (Eno) Atlas Straps Suspension System

This product is best for those who have recently inclined themselves to enjoy a hammock. This is because this product is easy to handle as it’s just 9 feet long and weighs only 11 ounces. Moreover, it can withstand a weight of 400 pounds, which is quite decent.

This strap is provided with 30 adjust points or loops, which enhances its practicality. The strap is made out of poly filament webbing with triple stitching, which unquestionably makes it robust and failure-proof. In addition to this, the color combination makes the straps invisible at night, which is visually satisfying.

  • Pro Venture Pro Hammock Tree Straps With Carabiners

If flexibility is at the top of the list requirement, then this belt provides exactly that. The pro hammock belt is available in two length sizes, which are 8 feet and 11 feet. This belt is 12 ounces heavy and is a competition for ultra-lighters.

Again, this belt also has a weight limit of 400 pounds and is provided with carabiners. Moreover, it is provided with 16 and 22 adjusting loops depending on the length of the strap. The width of the strap is standard across both the lengths, which is 1 inch.  

This strap is also made out of non-stretch polyester in a triple stitched fashion, enhancing its weight carrying capacity. This is the only product tested at 1200 pounds of weight, which is beyond its weight carrying capacity.

  • Eno Helios Suspension System

Weight is a parameter that needs to be kept under check, specifically while going on an adventure trip. The ENO Helios system is just 6.5 ounces, making it the lightest hammock belt available in the market. 

The belt is made out of a super-strong Dyneema line with a polyester blend tree sling, distinguishing itself from its competitors. Moreover, the belt has a sufficient length of 13.5 feet and can easily wrap around the largest tree trunks. 

The belt comes along with a SIL Nylon compression sack, which is used to store this equipment. 

  • Mallo Me Heavy Duty 40 Loops And 2 Lockable Carabiners

The second last in the list has to be this product, and this one is unequivocally the best of the seven mentioned here. This belt is 12 feet long and provided with 40 loops. Moreover, the belt is 1 inch wide as well.

The belt is made out of polyester with triple stitched webbing. The belt has a load capacity of 700 pounds, and the product is also provided with 2 lockable carabiners. Furthermore, the belt weighs only 16 ounces, which means it won’t overburden your shoulders while trekking.

  • Oxstraps Ridiculous Color Suspension Straps

This strap is provided with different colors, which gives it a catchy look. So if someone is bored with the conventional black and grey colors, this equipment is surely the one for them. The strap is made of iron tube PE cloth and weighs about 19 pounds, which is slightly heavy thanks to its material.

Dimension wise the belt is 10 feet long and 1.5 feet wide. The width of the belt increases its strength in comparison with the other products available. Moreover, the belt is made of similar polyester webbing with triple stitching as standard. The load capacity of the belt is 600 pounds.

“A Hammock Is A Giant Net Designed To Hold Lazy People.”

A hammock is surely a great place to be in, especially while being on a beach as it provides you with the scenic views around. Moreover, just like a bed made out of ropes, which has several health benefits, a hammock also has the same. But to enjoy and relish those scenic views, the maid part is planting the hammock between two pivot points. This process needs to be carried out with utmost concentration, and for that, the hammock mentioned above belts will help. All these hammock belts are designed with one aim, and that is to reduce the human effort and reduce the stress levels while setting up the hammock.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Will The Hammock Belts Get Damaged When Tied To The Trees During Winters?

It is suggested to increase the life of the hammock and the belt. It should be stored in a dry and cool place. Because if the hammock is left in the open during winters, especially in the snowy areas, the ropes will get stiff, and in that case, they will shrink. So if a person sits on it in such a condition, the hammock will break, and the person can seriously injure its spine and lower back muscles.

  • Can Hammocks And Hammock Belts Withstand The Load Of More Than One Person?

The main weight-bearing component of a hanging hammock is the belt. The belts are generally having a weight-bearing capacity from 400 pounds to 700 pounds. But these are just theoretical values as these belts are not tested in real life. In some belts, the value defined is 400 pounds, and when tested in real life, the hammock withstands a load of 600 pounds. Hence that means the hammock can bear the weight of more than one person.

  • At What Angle Should The Hammock Be Hanged?

The hammock should be hanged at an angle of 30 degrees. Because once the person lies on the hammock, it stretches. Moreover, if the hammock is placed at an angle greater than 30 degrees, then getting in and out will be more of a hassle, which is quite a headache. 

  • What Should Be The Ideal Span Between The Trees A Hammock Is Tied?

The ideal length between which the hammock is hung should be 2 feet greater than the length of the hammock, which is a measure between two rings. Generally, for the hammock’s ideal and comfortable experience, the distance between the two ends should be 15 feet. However, due to the advancements in technology, the belts with which the hammock is tied have grown in length, providing comfort even when the hammock is tied at a distance greater than 15 feet.

  • When People Lay In A Hammock, They Feel Closer To The Ground Than They Used To Be. How Can It Be Made It Higher Again?

Since the hammock stretches a lot when a person lays on it, constant usage of the hammock reduces the tension at the end, bringing the pivoting point below the actual position. To correct it, try to adjust the belt on which it is hanging. Moreover, if that’s not possible, try to move the pole on which it’s hanging. Furthermore, if none of this is possible, then it’s time to change your hammock.

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