Best 2 Seater Hammock – A Double Hammock

We see more and more two-seater hammocks in which couples lie down. The old 1 seater hammocks were until now the ultimate in peace and relaxation, until recently it has given way to the 2 seater hammocks.

The best 2-person hammocks

1. Hammock for 2 people with mosquito net – Covacure Outdoor

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  • Load capacity: 200 kg
  • Material: 210T nylon parachute fabric
  • Mosquito net with cord
  • Sleeping surface: 240 x 120 cm
  • Weight: 700g

The Covacure double hammock is ideal for summer hikes, as a built-in mosquito net on one side promises peaceful sleep by the water. Even if you are claustrophobic this hammock will suit you.

The good ratio of sleeping area, weight and size of the bag is based on the ultra light nylon parachute fabric, which can withstand a high load of 200 kg.

The hammock can support the weight of two people, but both must be 60cm wide or lie diagonally.

The fixing material is practical, in particular the wide fixing strap with these carabiners which is very appreciated by the users, because the hooking up is done in a few minutes. The height adjustment is easy to do.

+ Easy and obvious assembly
+ With or without mosquito net
+ Compact and lightweight

– Carabiners can damage the fabric.
– The fabric is slippery

2. Hammock 2 places with frame – Ampel 24 Madagascar.

  • Dimensions: 450cm x 120cm x 155cm
  • Frame: Siberian larch
  • Permissible load: up to 150 kg
  • Weight: about 41KG
  • Sleeping: approx. 200 cm x 140 cm
  • Hammock safety device

The hammock for two “Madagascar” is elegant with its curved frame in Siberian larch it will be perfect for your garden. With a height of 4.50 m, you need a spacious lawn or terrace to arrange this impressive hammock.

The hammock always stays taut thanks to Chinese cherry spreader bars, making the appearance very aesthetic.

The manufacturer has introduced an improvement in this regard, namely: the new models have protection against the rollover of the hammock in the form of side retaining ropes.

Two people are resting on the padded bed, which is fitted with matching cushions. The maximum weight is 150 kg, this hammock is not held securely by simple cords, but by 20 mats on each side.

The cotton cover is naturally pleasant to the skin, but it is advisable to put a bath towel in it: The built-in wooden sticks require the hammock to be hand washed. You should store the hammock in your home overnight because cotton attracts moisture.

+ Comfortable thanks to integrated padding
+ Weather-resistant wooden frame
+ High quality and solid

– Requires a lot of space
– Hand wash only
– Difficult to move

3. XXL hammock for two – Lyduo


  • Size: 300 x 180 cm
  • Load capacity: 300 kg
  • Material: 210T parachute nylon
  • Weight: 1.30 kg
  • Fixing material included

The Lyudo XXL hammock is the ideal companion when traveling in a backpack as it weighs around one kilo, including accessories. Even beginners can set up the hammock in record time: the straps are simply placed around the trunk and the two carabiners are hooked at the correct height.

The ultra-light fabric of the parachute forms a sleeping surface so large that two people can comfortably sit on it. As the fabric is slightly elastic, it is advisable to insert a mat inside to widen the floor.

The triple seams can carry up to 300 kilos and the bag is securely sewn so that it cannot be punctured.

The material is durable, soft, breathable and dries quickly after getting wet. Because the manufacturer gives their product a guarantee, buyers can expect high quality.

+ Mosquito nets
+ Soft and solid material
+ Size XXL

– Narrower than specified
– It sinks deep into the fabric

A hammock 2 places test and purchase

What could be more romantic than enjoying a balmy summer night together in a double hammock? It’s not for nothing that the hammock for two is a sought-after wedding gift.

Not only campers and nature lovers rejoice, couples are also delighted to relax together at home on the large hammock in a chic setting. They even have the option of putting the hammock on their balcony .

What about singles? Even if you are alone in a hammock, the two person hammock is the best choice. The surface is generous and much more comfortable than in a narrow hammock.

Buy a hammock for several people or a “normal” hammock?

If you are finding it difficult to decide whether to buy a traditional hammock or one for two, you should consider the pros and cons for your needs.

+ As a couple, it accentuates your relationship
+ A hammock for several people is cheaper to buy than two individual hammocks.
+ Children, dog and cat also love to swing with you.
+ Thanks to the larger lying surface, the fabric does not stretch so tightly at the sides.

– A 2-seater hammock needs more space
– 2-seater hammocks are more expensive than single-person hammocks
– Lighter person slides towards heavier person
– It can be difficult to find hanging points in the apartment that will withstand the load

What arguments convince you the most?

I think the double hammock is a worthwhile investment regardless of whether it is used at home or while traveling.

The dimensions of the double hammock

The larger size is the most prominent feature for a 2 person hammock. The hammock must be at least 160 cm wide and must already be provided so that two adults can lie down comfortably next to each other.

Tall people should ensure that the bedding is of sufficient length. In a normal case, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions which correspond to a normal bed, ie approximately 2 meters. This way you can be sure that after a hectic day you can also put your feet in a relaxed position.

What is the supported weight?

The minimum is 150 kilos, some outdoor hammocks, like the XXL model from Lyudo in our comparison, can easily carry twice that weight.

Double hammocks otherwise have all the features of a traditional hammock for mobile or stationary use. You have the choice between different materials, sleeping with or without spreader bar, with frame or to hang, with mosquito net or in bivouac.

What fabric is a hammock made of for several people?

Read the product information carefully. Well-known manufacturers declare the quality of the fabric of their hammocks in grams per square meter (g / m²). This shows buyers the thickness and fineness of the woven material. The higher the values, the higher the quality of the fabric.

Weather-resistant outdoor hammocks are made of so-called “parachute canvas”, which is synonymous only with nylon fibers. A double hammock with this ultralight material weighs approximately 900g with straps and carabiners.

Sleeping above the ground reduces the onset of cold and the number of animal visitors. Especially on cooler nights, lying together in a double hammock creates more heat faster.

There are also inflatable hammocks , they have a resistant fabric and they are above all very easy to transport.

Does a double hammock with mosquito net stay tight?

If you are planning a summer vacation in the woods or by a lake, you should expect nocturnal insects. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon monoxide in exhaled air, body heat, and the smell of sweat.

Many campers hope for a peaceful night’s sleep with a mosquito net on their two-person hammock. Inside you feel safe, you can even turn on a flashlight. That’s okay, but don’t touch the mosquito net with any part of your body, as bloodthirsty mosquitoes simply bite through the thin fabric.

This problem occurs more on the sides and on the floor as the double body weight puts pressure on the fabric. The solid surface allows the insect to reach its victim and suck blood. Particularly in southern climates, be aware that mosquitoes can transmit serious diseases such as malaria or yellow fever.

What to do, travel to countries without mosquitoes?

No, you don’t need to throw your travel plans overboard. We would like to talk briefly about two insect repellents.

A repellent works with scents that are applied to the skin. The effect lasts 6 to 8 hours and only repels mosquitoes. You should not spray this product on the multi-person hammock, as the ingredients dissolve nylon when concentrated enough.


How to wash a 2-seater hammock?

The hand-woven cotton fabric looks like a house blanket with sometimes colorful patterns. A hammock for two people has a considerable weight which multiplies when wet.

This should be taken into account for cleaning which is mandatory at any given time. The washing machine will reach its limits in the spin cycle.

Cleaning a two-person hammock will take a long time. Hand washing is the most efficient, followed by a long drying time. It is best not to use the Kärcher high pressure cleaner, as this can damage the fabric.

You should always remove the cotton two-person hammock from the frame at night when it is outside, so that you do not have any bad odor or even mold from the humidity.

Hang a two-seater hammock

In principle, a hammock for several people is mounted as a simple carpet on the wall or ceiling.

Choose a comfortable corner in the room or plan two suspension points on the balcony for the summer. When hanging out outdoors, also consider the orientation of the sun.

In the house, only the load-bearing beams of a wooden ceiling or a solid concrete ceiling can be used as a point of suspension.

If you live in a building, before you drill holes in the facade, you will need to call the owner, because it is property damage. In case of doubt, it is recommended to purchase a folding frame for 2 person hammock.

Fixing material for two-seater hammock

The choice of fasteners needed generally depends on the substrate. For multi-person hammocks that need to be placed on ceilings or concrete walls, anchor plates are recommended for three or better four screws. Large dowels ensure a solid fixation in the drilled holes.

While no dowels are used in wood beams, you should also use anchor plates with long wood screws. The fixing points must only be fixed transversely to the wood fiber, never laterally at the end of the beam.

A few manufacturers offer the appropriate set of attachments with the two-person hammock.

Try to secure your hammock properly because if you fall during your sleep, when your muscles are relaxed, there may be a very unpleasant awakening.


A good 2 seater hammock should be used for relaxing.

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